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PARfessionals is ReShaping the Faces of Recovery

PARfessionals is "Reshaping the Faces of Recovery" as an approved continuing education provider, dedicated to offering quality and economical continuing education, peer support and networking opportunities for service providers in the mental health and addictions fields.

We strive to promote courses that enhance and teach the highest ethical, and professional standards in the industry. PARfessionals offers a $199 online, 50-hour Peer Recovery Support Specialist/Addictions Recovery Coach training program, a FREE Lunch Break Series consisting of 15 CE courses as well as an online, 6-hour Prevention Ethics course.

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A practicum/field experience is a wonderful learning opportunity that affords students the chance to observe and participate in diverse educational settings, and to apply the theories and concepts learned in our Peer Recovery Support Specialist and/or Addictions Recovery Coach training programs.

PARfessionals has published a FREE Peer Recovery Practicum guide for treatment centers and recovery organizations to develop a practicum site that provides ethical training within the best practices of recovery oriented systems of care. The goal is for supervisees to learn from their supervisors and practicum sites, and for sites to benefit from the services of aspiring Peer Recovery Support Specialists and Addiction Recovery Coaches.

The curriculum guide is the intellectual property of the SJM Family Foundation, Inc. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

Download Peer Recovery Practicum guide

PARfessionals is providing our former Peer Recovery Support/Addictions Recovery Coach Curriculum Guide as a free download on our website and LINKEDIN profile. We have since revised it but we are convinced that the need for Peer Recovery Support is so great that we want to do all we can to assist the Peer Recovery movement.

The curriculum guide is the intellectual property of PARfessionals, Inc. and the SJM Family Foundation, Inc. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

Download Peer Recovery Curriculum Guide
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PARfessionals has been a Champion of Coverage for the Health Insurance Marketplace since July 2013. As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals can now purchase insurance through a Health Insurance Marketplace.

Call the toll free number 1-800-318-2596 and they can help you complete the entire application process from beginning to end with information you provide over the phone, including reviewing your options and helping you enroll in a plan. They can also answer questions as you fill out an online or paper application. They're available 24/7.


Thanks PARfessional. I defend only federal and state drug offenses. Also, I ve been in recovery fifteen years and am active in AA NA and LCL. Keep up the great work.
Attorney M.H.H.
Fort Worth, Texas
Great curriculum; very substantive! I HIGHLY recommend this course for ALL Recovery Coaches & Peer Support Specialists in the field of recovery! Thank you for your dedication to the recovery movement!
-Dr. Samuel Hargrove
Founding Partner & Director at Outside The Wire Group
Board of Directors - Veterans Representative & Advocacy Committee Member, NAMI Durham
Past Chair & Member, NAMI NC Veterans & Military Council
It was a good learning experience and your site was friendly and not to complicated for non computer person like myself.
-Malyntha H.

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